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The Deviate Upland Strap Vest leverages patented technology to meet the unique needs of your upland journey, regardless of pursuit. Tackle the harshest cover and scale the steepest terrain with an extremely lightweight upland strap vest solution.

As passionate bird hunters, we understand the unique challenges faced when searching for quality upland gear. Hunt Redi was founded, by a couple lifelong hunting buddies, after years of chasing birds with products that simply didn't meet our expectations. Through strategic partnerships, we've leveraged cutting edge technology to build upland gear that's extremely durable, ultralight, and the most versatile on the market.

Our gear is REDI to further enable your journey into the uplands, regardless of where that road may lead. Our mission is to provide R eliable E quipment D riving I nspiration in the uplands regardless of cover, terrain, or pursuit. If you are looking for innovative solutions to enable your upland journey beyond the established boundaries, join the huntredicrew. Strategically designed by a couple of passionate hunters to meet the unique challenges faced by today's upland enthusiast, regardless of pursuit.

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Contact thecrew huntredi. Innovative Solutions. Extreme Durability. Purposeful Design. Ultralight Platform. Flush Redi Series. Shop Flush Redi. Upland Inspired Strategically designed by a couple of passionate hunters to meet the unique challenges faced by today's upland enthusiast, regardless of pursuit. Cutting edge platform.Northland Dog Supply carries high quality strap vestshydration vests and pack vests for upland bird hunting. The strap vests are ideal for men and women, and feature adjustable straps to fit virtually any adult height.

Hydration vests feature a drinking system, allowing you to stay fully hydrated without hassling with bottled water. These hunting hydration vests are ideal for quail hunting in dry terrain. Our bird pack vests are designed to distribute weight evenly, making it easier to traverse rocky terrain.

We offer a wide range of hunting vests with enough combinations of features to meet any need while you are on the hunt. All of our light weight, durable hunting vests will give you a tactical advantage in the field. For Phone Orders Shop By Category. Nice Price. Filson Mesh Game Bag. Gamebird Ultra-Light vest by Gamehide. Pella Bird Pack.

16 Best Upland Hunting Vest in 2021

Gamehide Gamebird Upland Belt. Part Number: FP Strap Vests, Hydration Vests and Pack Vests Northland Dog Supply carries high quality strap vestshydration vests and pack vests for upland bird hunting.

All of our hunting vests have ample storage space for game, shells and other necessary equipment Northland Dog Supply Strap Vest Features We offer a wide range of hunting vests with enough combinations of features to meet any need while you are on the hunt.Both the H-Back and Y-Back are great for open or tight, brushy country.

The difference between the Y-Back and H-Back vest is the torso adjustment on the back of the vest:. Common Uses: Less cargo space, easy to throw on for a short round. Though all of these vests can work fine in most all hunting situations, they each do have specific designs in mind. Another example is the San Carlos — designed for tighter cover, but will work very well in open country as well. You can order a complete vest as it has been presented in the past, OR you can now Choose Your Options!

Besides the great convenience and adaptability to various hunting situations that this adds to our vests, it also means that parts of a vest can be replaced when worn out without the cost of a whole vest. For example, one of the first areas to wear out on a bird pack are usually the shell pockets. With the weight and constant rubbing of the shells, the pocket eventually wears thin or gets holes in the bottom.

Our tougher cordura material will help increase the life of a pocket, but since they are removable, you can just replace the pocket s. As you click on the particular vest you are interested in, you will see a short overview and common uses for that particular vest, and select a complete or base vest and options.

Best suited for all day hunting away from the truck; open country. Carries large amount of gear and water.

Click Here for Full Description. Works especially well for drier and hotter climates. Ideal for shorter hunts with minimal equipment — it is ideal for open country, but the Solid Back with the Quilomene style shell pockets is also very workable in tight, thick country. Buy the Complete Belt. Choose Your Options. The Quilomene Upland works well in both open and tight, thicker country, especially with the Quilomene style pockets.

It also has enough cargo space for a day-long hunt.

upland hunting vest

Buy the Complete Vest. Overview: Another vest that is best suited for all day hunting away from the truck; great for open or tighter cover. Quilomene has built a reputation on the functional simplicity of its Upland design and the quality of its materials and construction.

Real life — manages a commercial glazing company outside of Boston. Avid coverdog trailer; Honorary kennel boy at Wildapple Kennels and Guide service; Gear aficionado and a Quill user since 93!

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Carries a large amount of gear and water. Designed with drier hotter climates in mind. Trades cargo space for better mobility Choose a mesh back for hotter or drier climates or cordura backs for cooler climates or tighter cover.

Also fits women, youths or smaller-framed hunters well.

Upland hunting - KALIJ Pheasant - The Mischievous Bird

Q5 Upland Bird Belt Customizable bird hunting belt. Includes hip belt and bird bag. The difference between the Y-Back and H-Back vest is the torso adjustment on the back of the vest: Common Uses: Less cargo space, easy to throw on for a short round.Sometimes your hunting gear is less about camo in the woods and scent blocking and more about what it can logistically do for you. The best upland hunting vest might not blend you perfectly into your environment but should beat most of the classic hunting jackets in terms of convenience.

Our buying guide and the reviews below should get you started and save you some time that you might as well spend out there dove hunting or waterfowling.

upland hunting vest

We made sure to cover all the essential attributes that one should consider when choosing the best upland hunting vest and accordingly to that chose some of the top options on the market right now. Since the price reflects that, make sure you take a moment to think about what you actually need. In terms of color, you will mostly find earthy and olive tones combined with some patches of blaze orange.

Birds maybe, but deer not so much. Keep in mind, the eyesight of deer sucks. Like really sucks. Worse than ours. Some states like Washington even require you to wear a certain amout of hunter orange.

Click here to check the regulations for your state. When it comes to birds though, they are the complete opposite. While you might be proud on being able to read that street sign 30 meters away, the duck you are trying to shoot sees the beetle crawling over it. All in all the material used for an upland vest makes them a little tougher than a hunting jacket. No layers, no special technology, you really should focus on material that can take up some beating.

Upland vests are going to double as a mobile storage unit for you. One of the main selling points of those vests is in fact the storage.

Shells, a gutting knifeduck calls or whatever you can come up with, inevitable for your day of hunting should find a place in there. Price should be last on the list but might actually be important for you. You want it to last you and you want it to carry some stuff for you. Easy right?We hunt in northern Wisconsin, so we definitely get all that each season can throw at us.

Get into some bad gear though, and the best hunt ever is still going to be a major pain. Security — Nothing is worse than realizing you lost half a box of shells in the grouse woods. The pockets are plenty big enough to carry more than enough shells with you.

Just like the cool mesh vest, this bird hunting vest has a blood-proof lining in the game pouch to keep your back clean after bagging a few birds. This is probably the best bird hunting vest on our entire list, and if you are stuck between multiple options this is probably your best bet. Click here to check the price!

One thing we noticed about this particular upland hunting vest is that the birds were quite a bit easier to get into the game pouch than other vests. Another great feature is the attached D-rings on the front just underneath the blaze orange portion. There is obviously a reason that Orvis has been serving upland hunters sinceand that says a lot about their quality. A major perk of the upland strap vest is that they are able to adjust to fit you almost perfectly. Of all the vests on this list, I would pick this Orvis upland strap vest every single time.

Our final consensus is that this upland strap vest by Orvis is the best upland hunting vest on the market. The good news is that while options may be limited, the quality is in great supply! Designed by women, for women, this super functional upland hunting vest offers great fit and performance in a durable fabric, making it an essential for all the serious bird huntresses out there.

Orvis included the magnetic pocket design that we love so much, allowing you to keep your pocket open or closed at any time. The Gamehide Switchgrass is offered in a full menu of sizes, and two different colors.

With a lower price point, we definitely consider this Switchgrass vest a pretty good value. Almost more of a backpack than a vest, the Tenzing BV16 is incredibly comfortable. I would almost consider this more of a backpack than a vest, but its great for getting your gun to your shoulder quickly.

It also has a big enough pouch to carry a limit of grouse and woodcock, along with anything you might need to bring along for your bird dog.

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The biggest thing I noticed about this upland hunting vest is simply how comfortable it is. The design allows the straps to hug your upper body really well, and the pouches stay where they should due to the belt.By Emma Megan Leave a Comment. Y our choice of hunting gear can be the difference between a successful huntand a disappointing one. As a deer hunter, convenience features matter more than anything else.

You see, tracking, hiding and placing a shot all need a decent level of comfort, for efficiency and accuracy. It is not strange to hear a hunter wannabe grumbling how crafty the game is.

Yes, they have everything, optics, gun, ammo, but are missing something. Good hunting skills demand a high level of concentration. You are dealing with the experienced game, and it is critical to be at your best. In the following review, we look at some of the best upland hunting vests to choose from and contribute to your success out there in the hunting grounds. It is also the kind that you can show up with at your place of work, clad in, during the casual days, and fit pretty well.

The 4 Best Upland Hunting Vests

As a hunting vest, it does not inhibit your shooting in a waysince it fits on your body well. The zipper closure ensures it hugs your body sufficiently, making sure it does not move when placing a critical shot. The wolverine upland vest is a quiet fabric, adding to your stealth as you track the animal. And provided that it is a cotton fabric, the vest is quite warm and will come in handy especially during those chilly mornings that you have to go hunting to catch the game as it is heading out of its hiding.

upland hunting vest

The vest does not have the orange color that characterizes other upland vests. It may, therefore, be quite difficult for other hunters to spot you in the thicket, laying still.

Regardless, this is an excellent vest for those people looking for a fashionable, comfortable, and versatile vest. The kind that you can use in hunting, and still wear it when going camping, hiking or another outdoor event. GameHide Upland Vest is yet another dedicated hunting vest that you can use for hunting squirrels and other upland game. But what makes the vest ideal for hunting? Well, Gamehide vest has patches of bright orange color that other hunters will notice from afar.

You will, therefore, not need to worry about your safety. A significant portion of the front side is dark brown. It features two front pockets that you can conveniently put your hunting stuff like ammo. They are sizeable enough to fit a box of shells. However, the pockets do not have shell loops. It also means that you will carry the birds easily without so much hassle of finding more storage. The vest is lightweight and comfortable and will not get in your way as you ready yourself for the shot.

It has a durable canvas section that ensures extra durability. It is a bag that you are going to use for some time hunting. However, you may need to wear it over a jacket or sweater to fit well. It may feel a bit baggy. Some of the shortcomings include lack of shell loops for more convenience — the kind of features, astute pheasant hunters find useful.

You will also need to be careful with the zipper, or you will be having a vest minus the zipper. The vest is for those after dedicated hunting vests with the right features to make for success hunting expeditions. Typically it features a front side zipper for easier on and off wear.Early season upland hunting can be rewarding and memorable, providing the opportunity for close dog work, high bird counts, and some beautiful scenery.

upland hunting vest

I know that Danner tries to guide bird hunters to boot models with alluring names such as the Grouse and the Sharptail. But why…. He has everything. Nothing ever fits as well, lasts as long, or grills as precisely as it should…. The Hut Moc are the perfect footwear solution for knocking around camp. Lightweight with quilted tops, they easily slide on and off getting in…. This hoodie is for real. Deep pockets and a deep hood let you…. Initially I got the Keen Explore to wear around camp and on restocking trips to town between hunts.

But they proved too light and…. Heading into the backcountry, weight and packability are always top concerns for gear. The soft nylon body…. True, well-fitting upland pants for women are few and far between, and it seems like when a company makes a pair you love, they….

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Luckily the L. More than half of my season to date has been spent in the mountains chasing birds at elevation. This shirt, along with most of the latest Orvis upland apparel, is all about the details.

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Stretch fabric, articulated elbows, fast drying with…. The upland game vest may be the single most-utilized piece of gear in upland hunting.

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Regardless the terrain, bird species, weather conditions…. Filson may have built their reputation on their indestructible Tin Cloth, but if they keep turning out jackets like this Ultra Light Weight…. Let that sink in for a bit……. Now what does that really mean?

One thing I…. View Apparel.

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